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How We Think

Trust is the most valuable part of OSO. During nearly 80 years we have built trust – from suppliers, employees and customers. The company’s name and reputation depend on a good administration of this quality. The company’s leading position is a result of our products since the start in 1932.

To ensure OSO’s success in an increasingly more competitive trade this trust must be well looked


after. This implies that quality and safety always come before growth. All employees shall be proud of the company and our products. We shall at all times offer what is most profitable for the customer and not necessarily for the company. We shall be flexible and accommodating to all requests and try to meet with the customer’s requirements. OSO’s service shall be sensationally good and lead to future sales and long lasting relationships.


The environmental aspect shall be evaluated at all times.

We shall deliver the right product to the right conditions at the right time.

We shall earn the trust that is shown to OSO and value the opinions of our cooperation partners.

Our Objectives
Why We're Ahead