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Our Objectives

OSO’s objectives are founded in our basic way of thinking – having a positive effect on both man and environment. The solutions we offer shall comply with the company’s targets and also benefit the environment and the society.

Our Mission

  • OSO shall manufacture and sell energy efficient and environmentally friendly stainless steel water heaters of supreme quality at a competitive price level throughout Europe.

Our Vision

  • OSO shall be to the best of man, nature and environment.
  • OSO shall be a company in which the co-workers prefer and enjoy to work.
  • OSO shall produce stainless steel water heaters and heating centrals of supreme quality.

Our environmental objectives

  • OSO shall be a leading environmental company.
  • OSO shall think holistically about environment through the entire lifetime of the product.
  • OSO shall spend 5 % of its yearly revenue on environmental efforts (internally and externally).
How We Think