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Why We're Ahead

How can industrial manufacturing in one of the most high cost countries be sustainable in the long term? OSO’s success is built on that we have something unique to offer our customers both nationally and internationally. Quality – Experience – Competence - Technology.

Customers and cooperation partners all over the world have chosen OSO as their preferred supplier. Why? Because we deliver what we promise.

OSO’s production is built step by step during 80


years. The unique experience with the development of our own manufacturing equipment and machinery gives OSO a great competitive advantage. Patents on unique solutions provide cost savings. Continuous automation ensures a competitive price level.

OSO’s products are quality assured every step of the way and built with the experience from more than 2.5 million water heaters. Our customers are confident that we stand behind the quality of the products and that we claim responsibility beyond what is normal.


Product solutions ahead of the development, adapted to the most recent products within renewable energy sources and heating systems while always staying true to our environmental thinking, ensure that OSO is always in the forefront.

All of OSO’s business partners, both suppliers, customers and other partners should experience that OSO is a fair and honest business partner, with a high degree of integrity. We do not give promises that cannot be kept and we are reliable in all occasions.

How We Think