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A Family Business

Since the founding of OSO in 1932 as one of the first welding companies in Norway, OSO has been owned by the Braathen family. The founder, Reidar Frölich Braathen, was both a smith and a pilot lieutenant. Through methodical and hard work and a continuous improvement of the products he had 100 employees before turning 40 years old.

The second generation, Chris Reidar Frölich-Braathen, was actively involved in the resurrection of OSO after the war.


The 21-year old contributed both technically and by an impressive stamina and directed Oso at this very early stage towards environmentally sustainable methods. He led the company towards focusing on systematic mass-production and marketing of both domestic and commercial water heaters and heating centrals. Through his 50 years as CEO of OSO, Reidar combined industry and environmentalism in an exceptional manner. Through his work OSO has been given recognition as one of the leading environmental companies in the Nordic region.


Sigurd and Christoffer Braathen are the third generation. Christoffer has specialized within design and product development and has been a key person in the development and designing of Super S – the company’s flagship for future progress.
Sigurd focuses on the company’s further development in the Norwegian and export markets. The objective is clear: OSO shall continue to be a completely Norwegian industrial company and maintain its focus on quality and environment.