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Key Figures

OSO has been growing step by step through almost 80 years. Modesty has been key to the company and we are proud that OSO has never had a negative result. OSO grown organically & has never expanded through acquisitions – which also would have burdened the company with debt. During the first 50 years the company did not borrow a single penny. Focused cost control while also seizing the opportunities at an early stage has strongly contributed to OSO’s average annual growth of 15 % through the last 15 years.


OSO currently has a turnover of approximately 500 million NOK. The activities are divided into 3 main markets: Norway, Export and OEM. Among these the Norwegian market, where OSO is the market leader with a market share of more than 65 %, represents about 50 % of the turnover. Export and OEM each represents about 25 %, and the major growth opportunities are within the OEM market. Today, OSO deliver water heaters to international heat pump manufacturers mainly focusing on Europe. The focus on solutions for alternative energy characterizes the current growth.


The export activities are mainly focused on the UK, Russian, Swedish and Canadian market. OSO’s daughter company in UK holds the position as one of the largest player in Europe’s largest stainless steel market. In addition to this, there are OSO-agents in several countries throughout the world. The company has manufactured more than 2,5 million stainless steel water heaters since 1971 which is more than anyone else.