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Cost Efficient Production in Norway

Maintaining the production in a high cost country such as Norway in an increasingly more competitive trade is a challenge. To succeed, OSO always has to be in the forefront of the development, be confident about our own products and make sure that the employees share the values and objectives which form the basis of the company: Quality – Environment – Safety.

Not many people would believe that a Norwegian company would be able to export water heaters to


markets such as UK, Russia, Singapore, Australia and USA. We see this as a proof that our values result in internationally approved products with qualities that are attractive all around the world. The position of the company is a result of our products and therefore quality is always prioritized before growth in OSO. Our employees have built a unique competence, our production is continuously improving technologically and our values cannot be outsourced. OSO has chosen to commit to production in Norway against all odds.


Among other things, the commitment to our employees and the society is one of the most important reasons that the owners of OSO want to maintain the company in Norway. We believe that this will give the best products and provide us with the best suppositions to succeed in the future as well.

Corporate Culture