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That OSO’s products are operationally stable and safe to use is a matter of course. This is why extraordinaire safety efforts are carried out in addition to full testing of all of our products before they are approved for sale.

OSO’s products are thoroughly tested during the production process. If there is a change of material quality or components, we carry out stress and performance tests in OSO’s own heat technical lab. Finished developed products are also stress tested


with 20.000 cycles, equalling the total life length of the product, before they are approved for sale.

All finished products undergo a pressure test with water, equalling double the normal operational pressure in house, and an electric final control to ensure that the heating element / thermostat and wires are functional. All of our suppliers perform an outgoing inspection of the components, and OSO also do random tests of each delivery.


Steel and alloy qualities are tested in the lab to ensure that the materials have the correct specifications at all times.

The end result is the well-known OSO quality which has proven a remarkable life cycle economy during 50 years.

Cost Efficient Production in Norway