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Environmental Procedures

The environment has been the centre of attention for OSO’s production, product development and the life cycle of the products for 50 years. As an environmental pioneer in Norway, the second generation Braathen took the environment seriously and started the work to make OSO an environmentally friendly company in the 1970’s.

Stainless steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials with an average recycle rate of 60 – 85 %.


As a result of this, OSO established the ”OSO Resirc System” more than 25 years ago in cooperation with our wholesale partners.

OSO’s production of approximately 150.000 water heaters per year does not lead to any environmentally harmful emissions, and the products are manufactured from more than 60 % recycled materials.


OSO has been awarded a number of awards for its commitment to the environment, such as the “GRIP Glass bear honorary award” for outstanding, environmental work throughout 30 years (awarded by the Norwegian Department of Environment). For more information, see ”Awards and approvals”.

High Corrosion Resistance