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In 1970, OSO was the first in the world to serial manufacture stainless steel water heaters. Since then, more than 2,5 million water heaters have been manufactured and shown exceptional durability and lifetime economy. Worldwide, no one has manufactured more stainless steel water heaters than OSO.

OSO’s goal is that each and every development shall lead to an improvement for the end user. This has provided us with extensive experiences both on a national and an international level.


Both successful and failed development projects, continuous customer satisfaction surveys and feedback form the basis of our experience. OSO’s motto, “each and every claim shall lead to future sales”, is characteristic for our handling of product feedback – both positive and negative. On many occasions this leads to minor and major changes that have contributed to OSO’s products being among the best in the world when it comes to quality, design, easy installation and maintenance.


Our heat technical engineers are responsible for dimensioning and choosing the appropriate system. They combine the latest within heating methods with new technology and tables based on experience through sales of stainless steel water heaters for more than 40 years.