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Extremely Low Heat Loss

As one of the first water heater manufacturers, OSO introduced Polyurethane foam (PUR) as standard insulation for water heaters in 1996. Since then, more than 400.000 OSO water heaters with PUR insulation have been installed which have resulted in a national energy saving of more than 250 million kWh.

OSO ECO Foam is a polyurethane based foam insulation based on environmentally friendly procedures.


The insulation quality of PUR compared to traditional mineral wool is about 30 % better. For a normal household this equals a saving of approximately 450 kWh per year. OSO ECO Foam entirely uses water power during the production process and in addition to the energy saving it is also environmentally friendly when produced.


The foam insulation is 100 % recyclable and can be reused for a number of other products through the Resirc system. OSO ECO Foam is emission free, flame retardant and ISO 3285 certified. Water heaters with OSO ECO Foam insulation are currently among the world leaders in terms of low energy consumption related to heat loss.

Extremely Low Weight
High Efficiency