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High Corrosion Resistance

The combination of Laser welding methods and Duplex steel for the Super series provides OSO’s water heaters with a very high corrosion resistance.

The Duplex steel that is used for the Super series is equal to the 316 steel grades and is the superior material quality being used for water heaters in Europe.


Together with a unique backing gas coverage and laser welding, the Super series is the best option for aggressive water qualities with high levels of Chloride. The Ferritic high alloy molybdenum steel (Arcelor K44) being used for the older product lines has proven its qualities through the sales of more than 1 million products.


The combination of TIG welding technology and full backing gas coverage gives a very high corrosion resistance and make the products suitable for most conditions.

For more information, see the warranty conditions.

High Efficiency
Environmental Procedures