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Through the years, OSO has received several awards for its objective environmental work, HSE work and technology development.

2005 GRIP’s Glassbjørnen honorary award Environmental work through 30 years
2004 EMTEK award Best environmental and energy-saving product 2004
2000 Work environment award for outstanding workplace for the employees
1998 Best environmental report from manufacturing company  
1996 Association of house owners Norway for OSO developed environmental homes
1995 SOFUS award for free bicycle and reward pr. km. travelled to work
1995 Environment-technology award Outstanding environmental effort
1995 SCANVAC-award Scandinavia’s most environmentally friendly company
1993 The leading Export Company in Buskerud  
1990 Product award Norway for environmental and future-thinking product range
1986 Trade award in Buskerud for outstanding environmental efforts
1982 Welding award for revolutionary welding technique developed by OSO