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Hot Water Association

Whilst the Hot Water Storage industry is governed by British & European standards, OSO Hotwater UK Ltd, along with fellow members of the Hot Water Association (HWA), have developed an additional standards framework – The HWA Charter, to provide further reassurance to customers.

The HWA Charter

The Charter offers consumers quality assurance, product satisfaction, and confidence in the manufacturer that they will deliver a service beyond just supplying the product.

he HWA Charter demonstrates that charter members adhere to the following:

  • To supply fit for purpose products, clearly and honestly described
  • To supply products that meet or exceed appropriate standards and building and water regulations
  • To provide pre and post sales technical support
  • To provide clear and concise warranty details to customers

Independently audited

OSO Hotwater has been independently audited and awarded the status of Charter member.

A committed industry

Charter standards will be periodically reviewed and developed to ensure that they maintain appropriate standards for the industry and continue to satisfy the needs of today’s consumer.

HWA charter members are committed to providing hot water storage solutions that not only meet manufacturing standards, but deliver a full package of product, support, service & communication.

Engineers working with Charter member products can expect;

  • Clear and complete fitting instructions,
  • After-sales service with easy access to technical support
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Clear terms and conditions for product warranty

For further information on the HWA Charter Membership go to