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Product Advantages

Our key advantage is in the technology. All our products are thoroughly tested to provide the consumer with high quality products with optimum design and the lowest possible running costs. Our experience with more than 3 million stainless steel water heaters gives us a unique foundation to develop cutting edge products at a high rate, adapted to tomorrows most energy efficient solutions.


When it comes to technology, OSO leads the development, and ensures that production is able to remain in Norway. With 200 dedicated and highly skilled employees, we design and manufacture water heaters known in the trade for excellent quality at reasonable cost. This is also why we have succeeded in selling our products all over the world.


Our products are insulated with OSO “ECO Foam”, PUR insulation with good environmental qualities, and excellent insulation capabilities. Environmentally sound procedures ensure that the end-user can be confident that our products are a sound choice for the environment. Extensive laboratory and field testing before product launch provides for fault free solutions.

Installation Kits & Optional Equipment