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Product and Service Training

Product and installation training classes held at our Hotwater Academy in Hokksund, Norway.

In 2002, OSO Hotwater Academy was completed & ready to use. The building has a characteristic octagon shape and it is built in accordance with the Feng Shui principles to provide good group communication and the best possible atmosphere. OSO regularly arranges courses in the centre and the attendants vary from plumber trainees to politicians. For an innovation company like OSO, it is crucial to make sure that our customers know as much as possible about our products. Each year hundreds of plumbers attend the courses which are held by our sales and product development engineers. The outcome of these courses is of great value both to OSO and to our customers.

Product training can be given in the UK at our Gateshead Head Office, or around the country at various locations by our Area Managers. Contact OSO Head office.

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