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OSO SuperStream - OSI

  - for exceptional flow rate performance

The SuperStream system provides boosted performance for poor mains supply. Guaranteed good flow rates for multi-outlet demand, with very low maintenance. Pre-plumbed package for easy installation, with proven performance over 20 years.

The OSO SuperStream is a unique concept that takes the performance of an unvented cylinder to another level. Traditional unvented cylinders are dependent upon incoming mains pressure and flow rate to produce the high flow rates associated with the product. SuperStream dramatically boosts the flow rate available to the hot and cold water taps by supplementing the mains flow rate with stored water in an accumulator.

The accumulator stores water in a butyl membrane and then delivers it to the cylinder and the cold water pipework when demand exceeds the mains flow rate available.


SuperStream is typically used in large properties with multiple outlets or in properties where mains flow rate is poor. The system offers performance unrivalled by any other water heating system. High flow rates to multiple outlets can guaranteed even with an incoming mains flow rate as low as 5 litres per minute.

Key advantages:

  • Boosts performance for poor mains supply.
  • Pre-plumbed package for reduced fitting time.
  • Proven performance over 20 years.
Slimline RD
Super Coil SC
Technical Specifications
Quick Facts
Choose volume

SuperStream Indirect is suitable for all households requiring a boosted flow rate. Please select the correct indirect cylinder size of the 20 Series RI F1 units based on the table below.



Prod. code Nominal capacity (l) Weight (kg) Dia x Height (mm) Water capacity* (l) Water connection
OSI 130 130 16 ø 418 x 1227 65 1" BSP male
OSI 200 200 22 ø 542 x 1098 100 1 ¼" BSP male
OSI 250 250 27 ø 542 x 1303 125 1 ¼" BSP male
OSI 350 350 35 ø 614 x 1448 175 1 ¼" BSP male
OSI 450 450 46 ø 614 x 1831 225 1 ¼" BSP male
   *at 1,5 bar differential pressure