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Electric Boilers - Termo Plus

  - Electric boiler with weather compensation.

The Termo is Ideal where gas or oil fired heating is not possible, with full controllability of traditional central heating. No fuel storage requirement and 100% efficiency in property. Weather compensation comes as standard on the Termo Plus. The Termo Plus is for space heating only (radiators or UFH or both) and pump & expansion vessel is factory fitted.

Electric central heating is suitable for small to medium sized premises, extensions, out-buildings and anywhere where an independent heat source is required. Electric central heating boilers operate at nearly 100% efficiency. Termo Plus gives further efficiency gains of up to 20% by using weather compensation.


The Termo Plus is a self contained system boiler that includes a stat of the art PCB control panel, easy to read digital temperature display, RCD safety switch, primary expansion vessel and a circulation pump. This compact boiler ensures a simple, less complicated on site system and boilers that are easy and quick to install. Features include an easy to read digital temperature display, state of the art PCB control panel and RCD safety switch.

  • Termo Plus is available in power outputs from 7.2 to 14.4kW.
  • 3 year guarantee, CE marked & manufactured in a BEAB approved factory.
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Technical Specifications


Prod. nr. Product description Capacity Hot water - 40°C Heat-up (best) - 15°C - max. Recovery (best) - after 75% Heat loss - 24 hours Dia x H mm. Weight - kg
- Termo Plus Dimensioning Dimensioning - - - - -