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Solar Collectors - SolEnergi


Our solar collectors are designed to capture solar energy and heat domestic water, and are supplied as a package with differential solar controller and pump station. Various options such as on roof or in roof for fitting are available. The SolEnergi provides a complete system with Ecoline Solar cylinders.

OSO SolEnergi solar collectors are designed to maximize the available solar energy capture and transfer to domestic hot water. An ultrasonically welded single piece copper absorber plate with a highly selective finish absorbs energy & prevents it bouncing back into the atmosphere. Once absorbed, the heat is transported in a glycol mix to be transferred to the domestic hot water.


Heat loss from the collector into the roof is prevented with 40mm rock wool insulation. The collectors have a robust structure with aluminium casing and 3.2mm low iron tempered glass.

SolEnergi collectors are 2.2m2 aperture area but have a low 40kg weight. They are Solar Keymark approved and guaranteed for 10 years.

A differential solar controller with choice of operation modes encourages the maximum possible solar input and interacts with the boiler to reduce fossil fuel usage.

Technical Data

Width 1.187m
Length 2.047m
Gross Area 2.439m²
Aperture Area 2.195m²
Zero Loss Collector Efficiency 0.786
Linear Heat Loss Coefficient a1 4.20 W/m²K
Linear Heat Loss Coefficient a2 0.0030 W/m²K
Absorber Area 2.161 m²
Weight Empty 40kg
Fluid Content 1.6 litres
Maximum Operating Pressure 10 bar
Stagnation Temperature 204°C
Absorption 95%
Emissions 5%
Casing Aluminium
Insulation 40mm Rock Wool
Glass 3.2mm low iron tempered
Absorber Single plate copper
Coating Selective finish
Approval Solar Keymark EN12975-2:2006
Guarantee 10 years
Hydraulic connection 22mm copper

SolEnergi Pump Station

Width 340mm
Height 480mm
Depth 186mm
Plumbing Connections 22mm copper

SolarLogic Differential Solar Controller

Width 110mm
Height 155mm
Depth 45mm
Mounting options Within pump station, wall mounted or DIN rail
Termo Plus - Electric Boilers
Technical Specifications


Prod. nr. Product description Capacity Hot water - 40°C Heat-up (best) - 15°C - max. Recovery (best) - after 75% Heat loss - 24 hours Dia x H mm. Weight - kg
- SolEnergi Dimensioning Dimensioning - - - - -