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Environmental History

The active, objective environmental commitment in OSO started in 1956 with Reidar Braathen jr. who succeeded his father. In 1964, the company moved from the Aker River in Oslo after 32 years and established a new factory by the Drammen River close to Hokksund. The company was built on Health, Safety and Environment.

With a strong wish to combine industry and environmental friendliness, Reidar Braathen jr. started the work of making OSO one of Norway’s very first environmental companies in 1956. All decisions concerning investments should lead to a reduced use of resources and improved products and not cause any emissions that could harm the environment. The list of the results during 40 years is long, and among the most important efforts is the first recycling system in Europe for replaced/damaged water heaters, the establishment of the OSO Eco foundation with 5 million NOK in capital, the introduction of foam insulated water heaters in Norway (saved more than 250 mill. kWh in 6 years) and the active work to improve the company’s CO2 score.

OSO has also received several national and international awards in acknowledgement of its environmental work, among others “Glassbjørnen honorary award” for unique environmental work through 30 years (2005), the “SCANVAC award” for being the Best Environmental Company in Scandinavia (1995) and “The best environmental and energy economic product award” for the introduction of foam insulated water heaters (2004). With an average life length of 25 years, OSO’s water heaters are unprecedented.

OSO ECO Foundation
Environmental Profile