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OSO ECO Foundation

Thor Heyerdahl inspired OSO to establish the OSO Eco Foundation in 1996. The foundations was started with the intention of ”Being to the best of both man and nature” and received 5 million NOK in funding from OSO Hotwater. To our knowledge, the foundation is the only one of its kind within Norwegian industry.

The foundation’s projects since the start have been many and important. Both environmental and social causes have received support, for example Bellona’s report on the North Sea, Børge Ousland’s climate research on the North Pole and the Rain forest foundation. These are a few of the projects that have received support from the OSO Eco Foundation.

1996-98:  Thor Heyerdahl – the film ”Progress” / Bellona – Russian North Sea campaign
2000-02:  The Rain forest foundation – ”Preserve the rain forest / Børge Ousland – ”Alone across the Arctic” climate research
2003-04:  Peace Point Foundation – Work for Peace / The University of Bergen – Acupuncture research
2005-06:  OnePeople – Uniting cultures
2008-09:  Toftenes Multivisjon – The film project ”Free energy”
Our Goals
Environmental History