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Our Goals

75 years of commitment to unite man, environment and industry. Thanks to the loyal support from the HVAC trade and the customers, OSO has become a well-known term for both hot water and environmentalism. We have the pleasure of designing and manufacturing the best water heaters possible while at the same time caring about the nature. Our basic thinking is to be to the best of both man and environment.

Our environmental objectives

  • OSO shall be a leading environmental company.
  • OSO shall think holistically about environment through the entire lifetime of the product.
  • OSO shall spend 5 % of its yearly revenue on environmental efforts (internally and externally).

The results of this commitment have led to OSO being among Norway’s leading and most recognized environmental companies. Before 2000, the environmental aspect was not a high priority for most companies while OSO focused on being an example to follow. The second generation owner, Reidar Braathen jr., used to be a visionary environmentalist and led the company up to the point where the environmental thinking became a focus area for most companies. We are proud about our environmental contribution both in the past and present.

OSO ECO Foundation