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Complete Products

Complete OEM products, manufactured by OSO, combine a low heat loss, efficient heat transfer through OSO’s own stainless steel heat exchangers (coils) with the well-known OSO quality. The solutions are used to a large extent for “split system” – air-water heat pumps – all throughout Europe.

OSO’s OEM products complete many of the most


well-known air-water heat pump systems for the European market. Among other countries, the products are sold with great success in Russia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Sweden.
The products are customized according to the technical solutions/specifications of the heat pump, such as transfer capacity, sensor positioning /


controls, valve options and more. The volumes of the water heaters intended for such systems are typically 200-300 litres with a heat exchanger of 0,8-1,0 m² which is optimal for most hot water requirements. Primarily accelerated by the demand of replacing fossil fuel heating with alternative energy sources, the market for these systems is growing strongly.

System Solutions