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OSO is very flexible in terms of modifying the products according to the customers’ needs. However, OEM products have to meet with certain requirements to ensure appropriate production volumes and solutions that are possible to combine with OSO’s own production.

OEM products are usually delivered in minimum quantities of 1,000 units / year based on 2 model series. Appropriate production series / volumes and logistic volumes will be calculated based on the freight distance and cost.


The price quotations are usually based on minimum quantities of 1 full container / truck per delivery / order.

Inner tanks and complete products can be delivered in the following volumes based on a 500 mm diameter: 120–300 litres. The outer diameter for a complete product is usually 580 mm which is ideal in terms of installation together with other similar equipment such as a washing machine.


The heating element (for backup / legionella function or similar) is 5/4” and can be delivered in several effects. The insulation quality is either ECO Foam or mineral wool dependent on the customer’s requirements.
The placement and dimensions of the connections, design, component material qualities and so on can be specified by the customer, but OSO’s standard will always be the most inexpensive solutions. We are at your service!.

Complete Products