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Inner Tanks

For companies developing integrated system solutions with a stainless steel inner tank, an early stage partnership with OSO will provide great possibilities in terms of optimized and cost efficient solutions based on our experience lasting 50 years.

OSO is a highly automated mass production company. To obtain the best possible result in terms


of quality and cost efficiency for OEM products from OSO, it is essential that our manufacturing experience is involved from an early stage during the development process. Our automated production will ensure quality and efficiency on all levels. Stainless steel inner tanks come in volumes of 120 - 300 litres and the product specifications are modified according to the customers’ requests.


The only requirements are that the inner tank has a 500 mm diameter and that the market for the product is specified. Based on the market, OSO can contribute with our own experience with regards to what products and treatment which will be necessary to get the best result. Typical applications for OEM inner tanks are ground air-water pumps, double tanks and other integrated units.

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