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System Solutions

OSO’s OEM products are suitable for both heat pump solutions and solar energy. The products are based on a few selected product series which are also part of OSO’s own product range. The closer the specifications of the OEM products are to the well tested OSO products, the more cost efficient they will be for the customer.

The basis for a typical air-water heat pump ”split system” would be the floor standing OSO 20 series


200 / 300. This model has a built-in stainless steel heat exchanger in Duplex steel of 0.92 m² which transfers a sufficient amount of energy for most private housings. For combined systems with solar collector / heat pump, OSO has developed the Ecoline Twin Coil which has two separate heat exchangers. One utilizes the heat from the sun when available either simultaneously or separate from the other heat exchanger that circulates heat from a


heat pump system. This way, one can combine two highly environmentally friendly energy sources in the same system. OSO offers customized products based on these model series. In addition to the products mentioned above OSO offers OEM products based on direct electric heating in various configurations. These can be based on all of our product series and can be modified to suit the customer’s needs.

Inner Tanks
Complete Products