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A continuous commitment to research and development has been - and still is - the core of OSO’s operations. Throughout the first 60 years the development was mainly carried out by the first and second generation owners single handled. Lately, the R&D team has accomplished significant innovations in cooperation with the owners. The superior goal for the product development is that OSO shall be the leading innovator within stainless steel water heaters.

OSO spends more than 2 % of its yearly turnover on product development – equalling approximately 1 million GBP.


A similar amount is spent on production development, choosing the right materials and developing the machinery. This ensures that OSO at all times makes use of the most appropriate production methods to serial produce innovations within the product range.

OSO alone has been the driving force behind all new developments within water heater technology in the Scandinavian market. OSO’s products have also made the company recognized internationally and are as such one of the prime reasons for OSO’s success with exports.


OSO have brought considerable innovation to the UK water heating market and are regarded as one of the most prestigious and high quality manufacturers. By continuously searching for new and better solutions for innovation within alternative energy, we ensure the company’s base for existence while also staying ahead of the competitors in low cost countries. This commitment has given OSO significant orders to big international players within the European heat pump and solar heating industry.

The focus is intensified parallel to the accelerating technological development when it comes to alternative energy sources, and also the steadily increasing need for innovative solutions.