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Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers and cooperation partners is an important part of OSO’s product development. The steadily increasing turnover related to OEM sales contributes to improvement to our own products. Our experience with large high tech industrial companies combined with OSO’s knowledge on water heaters further improves the result.

In addition to this, our suppliers are close cooperation partners which, like OSO, wish to deliver the best products possible.


One example is the Norwegian company Sole AS with its highly automated production of coils and valves. Sole holds a number of patents resulting from systematic product development. Suggestions from all parts of the value chain during the product development process are highly valuable input. OSO’s own product development team cooperates closely with European, Asian and American OEM customers


Short decision making chains and flexibility during the development process are qualities which are appreciated by our customers. We look with excitement to what challenges the future will bring and we are both ready and well positioned to adapt or develop new products to keep up with technological development.

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