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Focus areas

The primary focus area for OSO in relation to product development is finding solutions for alternative energy. Increased energy efficiency when producing hot water or supplying space heating is an important part of reducing energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases. Heat accumulation of energy in hot water is a central part of this work.

This is especially related to low temperature energy sources such as air-water / ground source heat pumps and solar collectors.


It is especially important to provide these energy sources with optimum operational conditions. Minimizing the difference in temperature between the coolant and the surrounding tap water is crucial to increase the heat transfer (COP for heat pump) to tap water, under floor heating or radiators. During the last years, OSO has focused on solving this issue in the best possible way, and this has resulted in product series such as Ecoline Solar / Geo / Twin Coil and the Optima EPC.


Each of these products gives optimum operational conditions and increases the efficiency of heat pumps and/or solar collectors.

In close cooperation with our OEM customers we have also developed product series that are especially adapted to some of the most sold and durable systems in the European market.

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