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The commitment to product and production development requires reliable and solid processes. OSO has implemented Lean / Six Sigma as the basis tools for all development. The process / project tools Lean / Six Sigma are developments of Lean, which was originally created by Toyota. Six Sigma has its background from Motorola in the early 90’s, and was developed to catch up with the forefront Asian competitors.

Lean is a method that originally focused on the time aspect of the production by using tools and methods


to improve the performance through continuous improvement. Six Sigma, on the other hand, originally focused on quality through projects by using an implementation model aiming for improved results.

Lean / Six Sigma are developed to formalize the path from strategy to project to result and they are efficient tools to control several parallel projects – both within internal and external business development.


The basis of the Six Sigma method is the approach to problems, the ”DMAIC” method. “Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control” enables the company to be in control of the processes. OSO implemented Lean / Six Sigma in 2007 which ensures we are still ahead of the pace of international product development.