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During the development of new products, durability for the end user is the most important factor. This is why OSO’s products are thoroughly tested throughout the product development process – both the components, materials and the finished products. OSO is the only water heater manufacturer in Norway that conducts stress tests which correspond to the expected life cycle of the product.

There is a reason for OSO having only Norwegian, European and American suppliers.


It might be more costly at the time of purchase but for a product that shall last for 25 years these choices will profit the end user. On many occasions, the suppliers from low cost countries do not meet with our requirements and expectations.

To ensure superior operational safety and durability, choice of materials and technology are the key factors when we choose components.


Thoroughly tested solutions which have proved their durability through many years are the basis for OSO’s products. At the same time, new solutions are continuously tested and developed in OSO’s own heat technical laboratory. Stress tests are carried out for the mechanical components such as thermostats or expansion vessels as well as for the complete developed product. Test series are distributed to some of OSO’s most important customers and their feedback is of great importance during the final development stage of the product.

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