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Energy efficient solutions in growth

Solar collectors and air-water / ground source heat pumps are leading the development in the markets where OSO is present. These solutions typically have a COP OF 3,5-4,5 which gives the end user a considerable saving. In time, such solutions will replace electricity as an energy source for house heating and heating of hot water which represents approximately 70 % of the total need for energy in a typical home. Heat pumps will also provide a viable and cost effective alternative to gas fired central heating.


Upon installation of these solutions, when correctly dimensioned, the potential saving is up to 60 % of the total electricity bill while at the same time saving the climate for unnecessary emissions through import / production of electric power. The sales growth of these products will increase even more when new EU regulations are implemented throughout the whole of Europe during the years to come.


Ideally, a heat pump installation covers 60-65 % of the maximum electricity consumption while the electricity is a backup for the coldest days of the year. This provides the highest COP possible and also the most cost efficient installation.

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