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Generally it is always better to choose a water heater that is slightly too large rather than one that is slightly too small.

If you have a regular sized bath tub you should as a minimum choose a 200 litres water heater. For large corner bath tubs we recommend minimum 300 litres.


You should consider that a teenage shower often lasts both 2 and 3 times longer than for an adult (a normal shower consumes 60 litres of hot water from the water heater while a teenage shower may be more than double). It is also important to remember that the heating time of electric water heaters when they are emptied is 2-4 hours (dependent of the size and model).


Thus, one should choose an even larger water heater if there is a need for rather large quantities of hot water within a short time frame. Another crucial point is to consider whether or not you are likely to invest in an alternative energy source such as heat pump, solar collector, gas or pellets at a later stage. If so, you should choose a water heater that can be connected to alternative energy sources.

Water Quality