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3rd Party Liability

OSO depends on having suppliers with high standards when it comes to quality and precision. Hereunder it is expected that OSO’s suppliers have a sufficiently good quality assurance and that they take on liability if problems occur due to deviating deliveries.


Every year, OSO purchase a large quantity of commodities and services from our suppliers. To ensure that the quality on OSO’s finished products is in accordance with OSO’s own quality requirements, it is essential that these deliveries are fully compliant. If situations still occur where commodities or services from an OSO supplier do


not comply with our requirements, we expect that the supplier in question corrects the deviation at its own expense. Accordingly, OSO shall not suffer economically as a result of deviating commodities or services from a supplier. This also concerns potential labour costs to fix products in stock, with a distributor or with a consumer.

How We Choose Suppliers