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Bayer MaterialScience

Bayer MaterialSCence (BMS) is an independent subsidiary within the German pharmaceutical and chemistry consolidation Bayer AG. The company develops and manufactures several materials such as varnish, paint, glue and filler materials, polycarbonates (CDs, DVDs) polyurethanes (car seats, insulation for electrical appliances) and more. BMS has approximately 15,100 employees throughout the world.

Bayer MaterialSCence mainly delivers products to the automotive industry, electronics, buildings, domestic appliances, sport and leisure. The company has approximately 30 manufacturing plants around the world of which the new plant in Shanghai is the largest and most technically advanced. Their most well-known products are the FIFA World Cup Soccer ball, the UEFA Euro Cup Soccer ball and the polycarbonate Makrolon which is the material being used for about 20 % of the total production of CDs in the world. BMS had a turnover of around 10 billion EUR in 2008.

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