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Laser Welding

OSO’s laser weld is unique and was developed in cooperation with the leading global suppliers of laser technology and also experts within the offshore industry.

OSO’s Super series does not only have a beautiful exterior. The big difference lies in the inner vessel which is made in Duplex stainless steel.


Laser combines extremely careful heat treatment in the welding zone with full burn through. In addition to this, laser welding provides an extreme precision with higher speed. 100 % backing gas coverage on the inside of the tank during welding is also unique for OSO. The result is a stronger, faster and more accurate mortising of the stainless steel.


The implementation of laser technology within OSO has been carefully surveyed by the leading experts from the offshore industry and was tested under for several years before it was implemented into OSO’s products. Laser welding technology is used for medical equipment, car manufacturing and advanced electronic equipment.

Duplex Stainless Steel