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Precision and repeatability in production processes from welding technology to final control ensure the quality for all of our products. With a steadily increasing demand for cost efficiency, this is crucial for maintaining production in a high cost country such as Norway.

Calibration and trimming of components before welding is done with an accuracy of 1/10 millimetre at OSO.


Circumference measurements, height measurements, roundness, flatness and straightness are only some of the factors which are controlled and measured by laser on each component before welding. A unique measuring technology, developed by OSO, provides further advantages and ensures that the product quality can be repeated on more than 500 water heaters which every day are manufactured at the factory in Hokksund.


Among other things, this has led to Norway having one of the longest life spans in the world when it comes to water heaters and also a low price level internationally. Precision in all areas increases the quality of OSO’s products and it is an important contribution to OSO exporting more than 50 % of what is produced to worldwide markets.

Weld Protection
ECO Foam Insulation