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TIG Welding

For OSO’s traditional product series we use the best within TIG welding technology. TIG welding ensures the traditional OSO quality and has proven its remarkable performances since 1971 when OSO was the first supplier of serial produced stainless steel water heaters in the world.

The TIG welding has been the foundation of OSO’s products during the last 40 years.


Traditionally, TIG is a welding method that gives a high strength and corrosion resistance when used in combination with well tested choices of backing gas. Gas filling of all products prior to welding ensures that potential oxidation in the heat affected zone (HAZ) is reduced to a minimum while at the same time increasing the corrosion resistance significantly. Our welding specialists monitor the process at all times and undertake quality controls.


Recently OSO, in close cooperation with the leading suppliers of welding technology, has evaluated the possibilities of using more advanced forms of TIG welding. This will further increase the quality due to lower temperature and more secure burn-through of the weld.

Duplex Stainless Steel
Weld Protection