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Weld Protection

Weld protection is among the most important things we do at OSO. A product is never better than its weakest link. OSO has made extensive efforts to maintain the quality on this critical area.

Heat affected zones (HAZ) reduces the corrosion resistance for all steel qualities. Accordingly, it is crucial to minimize the HAZ to the highest degree possible during a welding process.


OSO uses laser which is one of the methods that gives off the least heat during welding. The welding zone is also exposed to oxidation if oxygen occurs in the area during welding. A combination of backing gases is used on the inside and outside of the weld to prevent oxidation.


This is done either by a full gas filling of the inner vessel prior to welding or by OSO’s own developed process for insertion of a fully covering construction that protects the weld 100 %. The combination of these two efforts gives OSO’s products an extremely high quality.

TIG Welding